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The Brief History Of China Gas Turbine

       In the late 1970s, WP6, WJ6 and other aero engines were converted into gas turbines, which were successively put into use in Daqing Oil Field, Shengli Oil Field and Zhongyuan Oil Field, etc., which effectively eased the problem of local power shortage and made efforts for the production and development of oil fields. Contributed.


       In the late 1990s, China Aviation Development Corporation independently developed the third-generation aero engine. On this basis, after a long period of technical accumulation and a large number of ground tests, we have developed a series of gas turbine products with independent intellectual property rights in my country. The thermal efficiency of the new generation of gas turbines exceeds 30%, the comprehensive energy utilization efficiency exceeds 85%, and various gas and liquid fuels can be combusted. Its main performance indicators have reached international advanced levels.


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